Life in Sydney
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Life in Sydney

Facts about the most loved city in Australia


known beaches for swimming, surfing and basking


population of Sydney were born overseas


Million population estimated in 2025


of Australian GDP is contributed by Sydney

One of the world’s most liveable cities in 2019

Rugby is the most popular sport in Sydney

250 Languages are spoken in Sydney

Sydney is first choice of global companies in Australia

Life in Sydney

Barton International campus is very well located in the heart of Sydney CBD.

Sydney is constantly rated as one of the world’s best destinations for international students. Is a small urban-paradise located just in the heart of NSW. Being the main city in the country, Sydney delivers much more than people usual expect in terms of work-life balance. Full of cinematic beaches and hidden secret spots, go scuba-diving, bush walking and much more. The city gives us also the chance to be in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It has a lively city center and great nightlife. Sydney is not only beautiful, but also safe and clean, and students find people are very friendly and welcoming.

Wearther in Sydney

We are committed to provide quality education to all students in a respectful and caring learning environment.