General English
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General English

Through General English you can develop core English language skills, studying reading, writing, speaking and listening and then applying what you have learned in practical, interactive sessions to suit your level. This course is perfect for students from Beginner to Advanced levels.

Course Detail

Weekly hours 20 hours per week
Length of course 1-62 weeks depending on your circumstances
Morning Sesstion Monday to Thursday (5 hours of study)
Evening Session Monday to Friday (4 hours of study)
Commencement Dates Weekly Intakes starting on Monday
qode interactive strata
qode interactive strata

Why study general English?

  • Study general English skills to prepare you for further programs.
  • Weekly testing and counseling for consistent progression.
  • Friday electives such as grammar and conversation, fluency, movie club, English for work and excursions around Sydney that provide other ways of learning English.
  • 1 hour every week of nationality specific pronunciation classes.


8:30-10:30 17:00-19:00 Vocabulary
Vocabulary for the topic of the week
English Grammar
How to use the new grammar structure?
English Grammar
Using the new grammar structure in writing and speaking
Weekly Revision Grammar and Conversation Pronunciation and Fluency Excurision Movie Club
10:45-12:45 19:15-21:15 Listening and Reading Activities Reading and Listening
Practicing new vocabulary and grammar
Sentence Structure Grammar and Vocabulary Consolidation
13:15-14:15 Using the new vocabulary in context/ real life.

Speaking Club Speaking Club Listening from songs/movies/online materials
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