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Meet Our Team


Ekaterina Escobar

General English and IELTS Teacher

I've taught General English and IELTS among many other courses over several years. My teaching style is one that make students feel comfortable and ask lots of questions. I feel this way they learn a lot as well.


Lucia Avanzini

Cambridge FCE Teacher

What I love most about teaching is that it’s never boring. Who says learning can’t be fun? That’s what I try to bring into my class, a fun & friendly environment where everyone is encouraged to succeed and share their experiences.


Sebastien Chevalier

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Teacher

Teaching for me is all about the students – they make the class. It is my responsibility to help students define how they want to learn and how they wish to reach their goals. Together we learn and together we smile.


Linda Han

General English Teacher

I'm motivated to teach by the student's energy and their love to learn. My approach is to get them up, use mime, and move them around so they really engage with the words and grow to understand meaning.


Jacqueline Doyle

FCE and Workplace English Teacher

One of the most aspiring aspects of teaching English is seeing people improve and be able to communicate with classmates from other countries and see them learn from each other. You will make friends from all over the work and the experience will open up new opportunities for you!


Nonika Jorgensen

General English and IELTS Teacher

I have been teaching exam courses for many years. Watching students actively participate and contribute to the class through discussions, pair work, group work or even through a few moments of enthusiastic reading or writing is extremely satisfying.

We are committed to provide quality education to all students in a respectful and caring learning environment.