English for Academic Purposes
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English for Academic Purposes

English for academic purpose is designed to focus on the development of English skills for higher education and vocational study. EAP provides excellent preparation for University and other higher education institutions where successful students need to understand and communicate efficiently. Barton International College (BIC) aims to prepare students not only for entrance to an Australian institution but also to enjoy their studies in Australia.

Course Detail

English language requirements EAP 1 – IELTS 5.0 or the equivalent, EAP 2 – EAP 1 (Certificate of Completion) or IELTS 5.5
Age requirements 18 years or over
Weekly hours 20 hours per week
Length of course 24 weeks
Morning Sesstion Monday to Thursday (5 hours of study)
Evening Session Monday to Friday (4 hours of study)
Commencement Dates Weekly Intakes starting on Monday
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qode interactive strata

Why study EAP?

  • Direct entry to Universities, Colleges and TAFE NSW with whom BIC has pathway arrangements – undergraduate and master level courses.
  • Focuses on presentation, writing and referencing skills you will need to excel at university or college.
  • Group study and university-style learning contexts.
  • Weekly testing and practice to monitor progress.


8:30-10:30 17:00-19:00 Academic Vocabulary Builder
Building a strong academic vocabulary
Academic Listening
Listening to university lectures
Taking notes
Academic Reading
How to find specific information an article?
Academic Writing and Research
How to use online materials? (Plagiarism)
Practice Test / Skills Class
Writing Use of English Reading Listening
10:45-12:45 19:15-21:15 Academic Reading
Understanding academic contexts
Grammar Development
What is a complex structure?
Academic Speaking
Describing trends
Grammar Development
Using complex grammarstructures in writing and speaking
13:15-14:15 Tutorial Discussion Tutorial Discussion Grammar Development
Using complex grammar structures
Academic Presentation Skills
Current Affairs
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